Quality Defender Delivers You Peace Of Mind For Your Supply Chain Quality Management

Dealing with incompetent suppliers who supply you with non-conforming products are the biggest challenges for anyone who is in the supply chain quality management position. All these issues can be tackled by Quality Defender’ s solutions of Supplier Compliance Assessment and our on-site inspections at different stages of production. Our services will present you with insights into your suppliers' Financial Stability, R&D Ability, Manufacturing Capability, Quality Assurance System, Ethical Standards as well as the quality of on the finished products through our investigation, observation and thorough quality inspections.

Tailored Services
Tailored Services

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why Quality Defender offers tailored sourcing services to help your business succeed in today’s ever-changing global marketplace. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team is ready to provide expert guidance on a wide array of supply chain management issues.

Supplier Audits
Supplier Audits

Our factory supplier audits provide you with a detailed analysis of the supplier's factory condition, manufacturing ability, production capacity, R&D level, quality control, strengths and weaknesses of your supplier. This service can also help your supplier to understand areas requiring improvement to better meet the buyer’s needs.

Inspection Services
Inspection Services

Pre-production Inspection (PPI)

During Production Inspection (DPI)

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Other QC Inspection Services:

Sample Testing & Evaluation

Piece by Piece Inspection

Loading/Unloading Supervision



Quality Defender is operated by Elecimport China with main offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and with inspection teams based in all major industrial areas of China as well as in some South East Asian countries. Founded in 2005, we have been providing services of pre-delivery inspections, factory audits, supplier evaluation, product testing and quality control consulting services throughout greater China and Southeast Asia to many pre-eminent companies from Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

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  • Strict moral standards

Our Standard & Customized Solutions

What worries you the most before you make a decision of placing your first order with a new supplier in a foreign country? There’s potential for a great business opportunity that could really take off but there are also many traps with scams, fakes, and just plain bad suppliers out there to watch out for. So how do you make sure you’re doing business with a legitimate supplier you can trust?

Quality Defender’s Supplier Audit Services are capable of providing you with an all-round insight of your supplier by a thorough audit process verifying the legitimacy, background, financial status, R&D capability, manufacturing process and quality assurance system of your chosen supplier before you initiate your first down payment to them.

Quality Defender’s thorough inspection process present our customers with objective findings on the defects that occur on packaging, material and specification conformity, structure, measurement, functionality, safety and reliability of the products.

Quality Defender’s customized services help your business succeed in today’s ever-changing global marketplace. With customized services we could help our customers resolve miscommunications with the suppliers, assist our customers in product development, collaborate with the suppliers to work out corrective plans and also provide legal assistance when in need.

Our Supplier Audit Process

We insist on thinking from our customers perpectives. By designing and performing a scientific audit process we build the first layer of protection for your supply chain.

Legal Information Verification

Background Check

Financial Status

Manufacturing Process

R&D Capability

Quality Assurance System

Our Quality Inspection Methods

  • AQL

    We adopt the internationally recognized Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard for all inspections. Clients can set the desired Acceptable Quality Tolerance Level for each inspection and Quality Defender will provide results as within or beyond AQL to decide whether the shipment can be accepted or not.

  • Packaging Quality

    Your product's packaging is as important as the product itself. It not only protects your products when being handled and shipped, making sure your customers don't receive broken items, it is also a marketing to help your products stand out on the shelf, catching the eyes of shoppers. Vibration Test to simulate transit vehicle vibrations and Carton Drop Test are often adopted by Quality Defender for testing the robustness of the packaging.

  • Product Reliability

    Customers need assurance that the products will perform satisfactorily over the useful life of the products. So a warranty is needed as a legal contract to reassure the failures occur within the warranty period are compensated. Quality Defender pays close attention to the reliability of the products when carrying out on-site inspection by analyzing the products’ structure, workmanship and using the test equipment of the suppliers.

  • Specification Conformity

    It is imperative that the products are compliant with the confirmed specifications in terms of color, size, functionalities, material grades and the corporate, industry and government regulations and so on. Failing to conform to the specification, the products will be rejected and a rework will be required. To enable our inspector to perform a thorough specification conformity check, it is important that the detailed specification information are sent to us prior to the inspection.

  • Safety Compliance

    Quality Defender strictly follows the testing procedures of the relevant international safety standards when it comes to electrical, mechanical, chemical and material safety. Companies, including retailers, shall all have a legal obligation to report a consumer product to the relevant administrative body when they obtain information indicating that a product may create a substantial risk of injury to consumers. Any non-compliant product with safety issue will be classified as critical defect and incurs rejection.

  • Quantity Verification

    Quality verification ensures correct contractual quantities are manufactured and shipped as per purchase orders and Letter of Credit. It is important that our clients provide us with a packing list with quantity and weight information for each SKU prior to the inspection to ensure our inspector correctly counts the quantities of the products. Short quantity issue not only brings you issue of overpaying your supplier it could also incur extra import tariffs when you import the goods into your countries.

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