Quality Defender is operated by Elecimport China with main offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and with inspection teams based in all major industrial areas of China as well as in some South East Asian countries. Founded in 2005, we have been providing services of pre-delivery inspections, factory audits, supplier evaluation, product testing and quality control consulting services throughout greater China and Southeast Asia to many pre-eminent companies from Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

Backed by the collective professional experiences and industry knowledge of our team, Quality Defender is well suited to be your reliable partner to safeguard your product quality and stand out from the crowd by enhancing the safety of your procurement decision through our comprehensive quality control solutions.

Our inspectors are qualified inspectors of The Lighting Industry Association in the United Kingdom. We believe that the ongoing improvement of our team members through various training schemes is important for enabling our inspectors with diverse product knowledge to demonstrate their talents to our global customers. With our first class training and robust ethical standards, Quality Defender Inspection Services have been providing hundreds of thousand pre-shipment inspection services to our global customers in the past decade and deliver our customers the peace of mind and confidence that their products meet the exact quality standards and align with their expectations.

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