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(EU) 2019/2015 - the new regulations on energy efficiency labels

Time : 2021-01-21 Hits : 117

The European Commission has formulated the official version (EU) 2019/2015 of the new regulations on energy efficiency labels for light sources on March 11, 2019, which will be officially released on December 5, 2019. It will be enforced on September 1, 2021 and will abolish the original regulations (EU) 874/2012, implementing the Energy Efficiency Labeling Directive (EU) 2017/1369. This regulation specifies the energy efficiency level of the light source, label use, product database and information requirements.

Energy efficiency rating (calculation formula)

For the energy efficiency label, the energy efficiency rating must first be determined. This is the same as the old regulations. However, the calculation of the energy efficiency level was changed from the EEI index to ƞTM (lm / W), which is more intuitive. The old regulations used the energy efficiency index in 1194 to determine the energy efficiency rating. The new regulation adopts the concept of total primary energy efficiency, referring to the following formula:

ƞTM = (Φuse / Pon) X FTM unit(lm/W)

among them

ƞTMTotal main electric energy efficiency (lm / W), equivalent to light efficiency, difference: use effective luminous flux to calculate and increase the applicable coefficient.

ΦuseEffective luminous fluxlm

Pon: Effective luminous fluxW

FTM: Applicable coefficient


Energy label

The EU has greatly improved the efficiency requirements of lighting products. The previous product reached 85lm / W ƞTM 110lm / W, basically can enter A, A +, but now, it can only reach F level.

From 1 September 2021, the existing rules under Regulation (EU) No 874/2012 will be repealed and replaced by new energy labelling requirements for light sources under Regulation on energy labelling for light sources (EU) 2019/2015. Using a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), the new labels will give information on the energy consumption, expressed in kWh per 1000 hours and have a QR-code that links to more information in an online database.

Luminaires come with labels that show what lamps are suitable to be used in the luminaire. From 25 December 2019 onwards, the labelling of luminaires will no longer be required.