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Wiring Devices

We work with our customers and study the relevant standards to design the most suitable check lists for various wiring devices for different markets. By training our inspectors properly our team are able to inspect various types of wiring devices through visual inspection and mechanical and electrical testing.

Check List
Quantity Check- QTY must be checked according to the PO.
Packaging Quality- Check the sturdiness of the boxes. Make sure no excess space wasted.
Artwork and Labels- The labels, description and line drawings shall match the actual products
Instruction Manual- Check if there is any errors on the instruction manual/wiring Diagram.
Marking, Logo and Labelling- All the markings on the products shall be correct and permanently durable and legible, and shall not be placed on screws, removable washers or other easily removable parts, or upon parts intended for separate sale.
QC Passed and Date Labels- Products shall have “QC Passed/Date of Production” Labels Attached
Batch /PO Number- Batch/PO numbers shall be stamped on the reversed sides of the products
Visual inspection on the product surface and structure- On the plastic parts, flash around pads of ejector pins shall be removed, and no obvious sink mark and cracks/breaks are allowed.
- On the metal parts, no sharp edges, cracks/breaks, rust and burrs are allowed.
- The product surface shall be smooth with no obvious scratches, rust, or any damages.
Compliance of WEEE Symbol
Wheelie bin symbol applies to all electrical devices including switches, sockets, spurs and even coaxial and voice products. It does not apply to blank plates and pattress boxes etc or any items that do not conduct electricity. The minimum size is the diagonal X is 5.00mm. Ideally this mark should be moulded in the plastic if a suitable place can be found on the reverse of the face plates.
Colour and finish consistency- Carefully check the faceplate colour and finish and make sure they are consistent and are good match to reference samples.
- No contamination on the surface is allowed.
Electroplating Quality- The surface of the plated products shall be smooth with no scratches, bubbles, and marks and peeling, and shall match the reference samples and descriptions.
Checking of dimensions- Switches, sockets and boxes shall comply with the appropriate standard sheets, if any. Compliance is checked by measurement.
Material conformity- Check the material used on the products should be up to the specification.
Terminal Arrangement- Products shall have correct terminal arrangement and all clearly marked (L, N &E etc.)
Switch Operation Check- Manually operate switch rockers (MIN 20 times) to check if switch rockers operate smoothly. No switches shall be stuck or jammed.
Terminal Screws- On all sockets and switches, slotted screws shall be used. Wires shall be able to be inserted into the terminal securely without screw heads being stripped when tightening up.
Fixing Screws- Check the sizes of the fixing screws and use the supplied fixing screws to fit the sockets and switches onto the wall boxes.
- The screws should not break the moulding or strip.
- After fixing screws are in place, screw cap covers shall be able to fit into the holes and be flush with the face of the front plate.
Socket Insertion Check- Test the socket insertion with standard 13A plugtop. The earth pin connection within the socket shall be appropriated sized to allow the insertion of the plug earth pin, also the connection spring shall allow the safety shutter moulding to easily return to its closed position after being unplugged.
- Minimum 20 times manual insertions shall be tried.
Pull cord switch mechanical operations- Manually pull the cord for at least 20 times to check the mechanical operations. The mechanism shall not jam during operations.
Pendent Sets/Ceiling Rose- The lamp holder shall not allow for the two inner cables to be visible when viewed from the top – the lamp holder shall have a molded trim that hides the view of the two inner cables.
- Pull the cords and check if the cords and terminals are securely gripped.
Junction Boxes

- Check the junction box cord grid. The Cord Grip shall be able to hold

2 x 1.5mm2 wires securely.

- The screws shall be of proper size and able to tighten the cord grip up by making enough contact with the threaded insert in the base moulding.
Pad Printing or Laser Etching QualityThe pad printing or laser etching of the "ON and "OFF" on the product shall be clean and clear.
Function and Position of the Neon lens- The neon lens shall not position too close to the top edge of the front plate so that when offering the front plate on to the box it won’t pushes the neon lens out.
- Test the neon lens to see if it lights up.
Fuse Connection Units- Take out the fuse and use a multi-meter to check if the fuse is blown.
- Re-insert the fuse and fuse carrier to check if it fit in the front plate properly.
Pattress Boxes- The Molding should not be distorted. Place two boxes back-to-back to see if the moldings is distorted or not.
- Use the fixing screws to check the quality of the screw inserts.
USB Charging Ports- Check the output voltage and amperage of the USB ports
- Aging test must be done on the USB sockets 
RCD Socket Functionality- Trip Current Test (product spec.: ≤ 30mA);
- Test Button Check
- Trip time Test (product spec.: ≤ 40ms)
Metalclad Box Coating- The colour of the coating should be consistent across all products and match the reference samples.
- Crosscut test should be performed to check the adhesion strength of the powder coating.  
Metalclad Box Construction - The boxes should be straight and not distorted
- Check the boxes with the covers and fixing screws to see if they fit well.
Metalclad Box Earth Lug- Check the position and sturdiness of the earth lugs
- Use a screwdriver to check if the screw strips
Metalclad Box Knockouts- Measure the knockout diameters (20mm)
- Check the Knockout mechanical strength
Weatherproof Enclosures - IP- IP 56 Test shall be performed on the enclosures
- Check the quality of the gaskets
Weatherproof Enclosures - Screws - The screws shall be stainless steel for moisture resistance.  
- Salt Spray Test Shall be performed if equipment is available.
Switch Mechanical Life Test- When time allows and equipment available, on-off mechanical life cycle test shall be carried out at the factory.
Socket Clamp Force Test- Clamp force test for the sockets, 36N weight
Terminal Continuity Test- Use multi-meter to check the continuity of the terminals 
Flame Retardant Test- Ignite the plastic moulding and check if the flame would self-distinguish.
High–pot test- High–pot 2.0 KV test

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